View Full Version : my powerbook g4...is it dead...or not?:)

09-07-2007, 01:59 AM
Dear all,

I'm totally new to the MAC world. But it happenened that I saw a Powerbook g4 Titanium DVI in my office. It was not used since 2 years and lied there waiting to be thrashed. I asked my boss why it was there and he answered...sometimes it goes sometimes not, I can't rely on it.

Indeed I take it with me. At home I experienced that it starts always, you can hear the hd spinning, but, the half of times, the screen goes black or white and you can't use it. But if it starts in the right way then it's perfect.

So, I bought a DVI adapter and connected it to an external monitor. But that behaviour did not change. It seems that it must be not moved too much, otherwise the screen goes black or white and the whole activities hang (maybe you can just move with the mouse). But as long as you don't move it, then it goes.

I think this is something that should be easily repaired. Now, I saw the Apple prices for support and I don't want to pay 400 swiss francs just to let someone open the box. Having I experience with PC hardware, could you tell me at least what it can be that does not actually go? I though maybe the cables from the logic board to the screen, but they seem perfect. Or maybe the HD that does not start in the right direction, I feel a bit lost...

Anyway, any help would be very appreciated! Maybe someone could tell me: try to repair it or maybe tharsh it...this also would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot