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12-03-2002, 05:34 PM
I Have a public event server ( on a private network.
The private network is connected to internet by a 3Com 612 ADSL router ( with PPPoE.
I get the changing external IP (WAN 194.75.x.x) with a program and posted to a Dns service like something.dnsalias.net
I also configured the 3Com router to redirect access to port 4000 to the server.
The connection in the private network is OK.
I defined a second server with the external ip from the DNS service(194.75.x.x).
The connection from the Internet is also OK.
The problem is that i get all the public events twice, one when i'm on the internal net and the other when at home.
Are any way to configure the server so i get the events only once independently from where i connect??
Can i fake something so my client sees only one server and use the correct connection??
Regards, Eugeni:confused: