View Full Version : Which DSL modem to get?

07-17-2007, 04:50 PM
Hi, I'd like your opinions on a good dsl modem to run with my black Mac +Airport Express. I've been struggling with my airport express set up for a while (in Prefs>Network, i can see it fluctuate between "no IP" and "self-assigned IP") and I've finally come to the conclusion that it must be my modem (Netgear DM111P) that's the problem. It was free with my ISP connection, so expected to get something average, but didn't expect it to be a total piece of crap as 99% of the reviews tell me. Plus, when I change to using a direct ethernet connection, I have to turn the modem off and on to get an internet ip address. Anyway, any suggestions most welcome on which modem best suits a mac would be great (and yes, an Airport Extreme probably is best, but way too expensive!) Thanks!