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11-15-2002, 04:09 AM

I'm setting up an OSX box for my parents, and was wondering if there's a way to create accounts that show ONLY the home directory. Nothing else. No harddisk, no applications, no library, nothing, nada.

This whole applications/library/harddisk approach is rather confusing for them. I want as little ballast as possible, so in fact all I'd like for them to see is just a documents folder. No websites (they won't make a website), no pictures (they have no camera), no movies (way to difficult for them) no libraray (they totally fail to understand that concept)

is there somewhere a way to do this, eventually via a shareware finder replacement ? Somewhat like the now deceased "at ease" (which came with system8 if I recall correctly)


11-15-2002, 12:35 PM
Keep in mind I consider myself pretty much an enlightened savage, and these are more just flailings in the dark. I assume that you would fully investigate and get expert advice on the possible consequences to your system of anything I suggest here; I'm just throwing stuff out.

Could you create an administrator account for yourself that you could log into (perhaps even a remote login, if you wanted to do that)), but then create a separate, non-administrator account for them, and alter permissions for the files you didn't want them to see or have access to? Still, that might screw up *access* to them. I dunno.

You can make a file invisible in the finder in a number of ways, among them adding them to a text file called ‘.hidden' that is in your computer's root directory. Do a search for ‘invisible' on Mac OS X Hints and I'm sure there are other techniques. This might be a good one, because the system still knows it's there, it just doesn't show it in the Finder.

There is also a Simple Finder (don't know what it's like, never used it) right *IN* the Finder, if I remember correctly. Check one of the Preferences panes ... perhaps General, Universal Access, or something else. (I'm on a Windows box at work, so I can't point you somewhere specifically.) Or it might be in Finder Preferences.

You might want to do a search on VersionTracker.com for simple Finder replacements or child-oriented Finder replacements (no insult meant, but you did say you were looking for simplicity); I know they're out there.

One other thing I would consider: there is an application called DragThing (http://www.dragthing.com) which is an excellent menu program. You might want to investigate it; it has an extraordinary amount of configurability and features, and it also has the ability to disable the Command-Q keystroke for quitting the program. It might be a good way to make things easy to navigate for your parents.