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03-03-2007, 06:35 PM
I have a cross-platform "spotlight-like" database which annotates a bunch of files of mine using a SQL database, and allows to me quickly access those files and perform operations (add keywords, mark as favorites, etc.) using set of perl scripts. The database is accessible via command line and a few self-written GUI tools throughout the network, and the files themselves are either available locally on the LAN, or on a local cache on some systems (laptops for disconnected operation).

I'd like to make the keywords available via Spotlight, but don't see any way of getting information into the Spotlight database via command line utilities (mdfind can show Finder Comments, for example, but there's no utility to set them).

I could probably write an AppleScript to do that, but I was wondering if there was something a bit lower-level than that. For example, using AppleScript, I'd probably have to write parts of my code in perl in order to access the SQL database across the LAN, which makes it a bit more complicated to maintain.

What do people recommend for this? My current system is cross-platform (Linux, Mac, and a few Windows systems), and over the years, I've added a lot of features for caching and synchronization (copy the files and database to a laptop and when I return from my trip, any new files or modified keywords will automatically re-sync to the main database). Spotlight doesn't have the auto-sync features of my main database, but my main database isn't as nicely integrated into the Finder on the Mac.