View Full Version : My MacBook Pro::1 fan dead, sending it out to Apple...

01-25-2007, 01:55 AM
Just would like to share this with other MacBook Pro users...I used the "smcFanControl" app to control the RPM of both MBP exhaust fans. Didn't over use it; settings always under supervision. About three months ago Fan #1 died—MBP runs hotter than ever (~104°F case average).

So, I'm sending it back to Apple (under AppleCare) to have them replace the fan. Hopefully, no Apple techs are reading this to know I voided the warranty otherwise this will make for an interesting thread! I heard it's $245 total for the fan. Regardless of $ or AppleCare...'bout how long can I expect my MBP to be out for service (NYC area):rolleyes: :confused: ?