View Full Version : My experience with a MacBook Pro C2D

12-20-2006, 03:03 AM
I got a MacBook Pro Core2 Duo in Early November. I thought I'd share the experience with you guys.

Now, when I bought this machine, I was highly skeptical. I remember the teething problems the MacBook Pro CD had, and I was very reluctant to buy the C2D model due to this. I originally planned to get a white MacBook (Served my needs fine, was a nice little computer), but decided to get a MBP C2D, because it would be a better investment in the long run, in my opinion. (And good thing I did...if I bought a MacBook, the C2D MacBooks would be right around the corner, and I would have gotten burned, severely.)

Now, the one killer issue with the original MacBook Pros was the heat problem. Jason O' Grady on the Apple Core ZDNet blog said that he noticed a decrease of more than 40 degrees fahrenheit. While I can't comment on this, I noticed that the heat has decreased a ton from the CD model I tested in Fry's electronics. In fact, I can even use it on my lap without SMCfancontrol, which is extremely nice. Hell, I don't even need any lap desks to protect myself.

And another issue that was a problem, the cow that seemed to be stuck in the computer (In other words, fan mooing). As far as I know, I never heard it. In hot enviroments where I do have SMCfancontrol on, I can hear the hum of the fan, but no mooing.

The form factor is still the sleek form factor shared by that of the last PowerBook G4's and MacBook Pro's. I love the MacBook Pro's design. And the Keyboard...my, the keyboard is EXTREMELY comfortable to me, and while backlighting for the keyboard may be cool for showing off, I really have no use for it, so it's usually off all the time.

Now, there is one, and only one gripe that I have with this very trusty machine that cost me a nice $2500US. The Apple Remote. The MacBooks have a place where you can stick it (At least I think it's intentional. It may be the magnet to keep the MB closed), which is on the upper left of the screen. The MacBook Pro does not. (I've tried slapping the remote all over the chassis. No avail) This kind of irks me when I don't want to toss the remote into my pocket or bag when I don't want to use it, or when I may use it in a few minutes.

I also have Windoze loaded up on my Macbook Pro (For Half-Life 2 and a few games), but that's for a different review.

Overall, I'd recommend the MBP C2D to anyone with the budget. Apple may have screwed up the original MBP, but the new Core2 models are what the original MacBook Pro should have been.