View Full Version : windows networking problems

10-16-2002, 05:45 PM
Can anybody tell me where i can find solutions to my many samba application problems. Maybe somebody here can help when I try to connect to the share going through my network neighbor hood it tells me that the network path was not found. Then sometimes it says that the network connection has all maximum connection allowed. I am the only one that can connect to my computer so I do not know why i get this error. Those problems are on the pc side of things. Now on the mac side of things it refuse to let me use smb to mount any drive. My school has a remote network with diskspace on it then I can map a network drive to on the pc side but I can not use smb. Also I can not smb to my pc either it always gives me server returned error 1 no files service availaiable. I was wondering do anybody know where i can find information on any of those problems, or an alternative solution.