View Full Version : FTP authentication serving only home-dirs

11-30-2006, 09:26 AM
I'm running Mac OS X Server 10.4.8 and recently also updated using the combo-update.

When adding users (for ftp use) I'm creating a new user using Workgroup Manager. I assign an existing home-folder somewhere on a sec. harddisk. I ajust the chmod accordingly. In Server Admin I set FTP advanced setting to "Authenticated users see: Home Directory Only"

When I log in using a FTP client I see other 'sharepoints' as I would except using the "FTP Root and Share Points" setting from the Server Admin -> FTP -> Advanced.

But this is not what I want! I want FTP users to only see there designated home-folder. That's what the option "Home Directoy Only" is fore, wich I have set correctly ... but that is not what I see when logging in using FTP.

The strange thing is: When logging into using my 'local' Mac account everthing works as expected. And when logging in using the created new users, but using sFTP, I get what I'd expect: "Home Directory Only". Where are the settings for sFTP? Because when logging in this way the user is not restricted to his home-directory ... security hole!!

Anyone knows how to 'reset' the ServerAdmin FTP settings or where the Unix file is located where these settings can be made by Terminal? I've tried to re-install the combo update but this has no effect.