View Full Version : Slipstream DVD to 10.4.8

11-20-2006, 09:45 PM
Hello all,
Just wondering if this is even possible, the company I work for have 150 or so mac's at different locations and I drive around the country side supporting them. My prob is that the latest DVD I have is 10.4.4 and it would be nice to have a custom install DVD with 10.4.8 and other updates already there, I would also do the same for the 10.3 machines. ATM I carry around a HDD imaged into 2 base partitions (one for each OS version) but this requires I backup users and restore custom software. A custom install DVD would mean I could Archive and install, keeping user info and custom software, which is a much quicker option.
My saving grace here is that they are mac's so it is rare that I have to do a reinstall, I reimage all the windows computers at least twice a year.

Thanks for any help or suggestions,