View Full Version : Running OSXvnc-server on headless 10.1

10-11-2002, 12:30 PM
I have a B@W G3 running as a headless server (in a closet), and am
using OSXvnc server to manage the box when I need to.

If I boot the G3 with a monitor plugged in (with or without keyboard)
I can launch OSXvnc fine from an ssh session (e.g. $
/Applications/OSXvnc.app/Contents/MacOS/OSXvnc-server ). However, if I
boot the machine *without* a monitor plugged in I get the following
results (even when logged in as root/Admin):

$: /Applications/OSXvnc.app/Contents/MacOS/OSXvnc-server
(ipc/send) invalid destination port : initCGDisplayState: cannot map
display interlocks.
kCGErrorFailure : CGSNewConnection cannot connect to server
kCGErrorFailure : CGSNewConnection cannot connect to server
kCGErrorInvalidConnection : CGSGetEventPort: Invalid connection

Now I have to say that I'm new to OS X, but not to Unix, so if this
happened on a Unix machine I would assume that the Xwindows server
wasn't running or something along those lines. Does OS X have a
similar process that handles window management and user input?

If so, does it only start if you have a monitor plugged in?

If that is also true, is there a setting or command I can execute to
trick OS X into thinking its a regular desktop box?

Any other ideas as to what may be going wrong? I'm hoping not to have
to drag a monitor into the closet every time I need to boot the

I'm running 10.1.

Many thanks in advance for any tips or explanations. So far, as a new
Mac user but veteran Unix hack, I'm *very* impressed with OS X.