View Full Version : New keyboard, bluetooth?

10-07-2006, 11:07 PM
Hey guys! Thx for reading this.

So, currently, i have a Logitech MX-Duo hooked up to my powerbook g4. I have LOVED using it. I love how it types, feels, and the mouse is excellent! I love the keybaord media controls, but don't really use the keyboard short cuts because they seem to reset themselves very often.

I have been forcred to start using my pc again (i know, UGGGGH), because my school just started us on a few programs that work on PC only.

I want to switch off of the standard sony crap that came with it. I was thinking of buying a new cordless desktop from logitech for my mac, and bringing the old one to my PC.

I went to logitech.com, and saw this keyboard, http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2158,CONTENTID=10776

It is the Logitech® Cordless Desktop® MX™ 5000 Laser for $150.

But my main thing is that I have a few questions that will determine wether or not I will buy it.

First off, does anyone have this keyboard and can tell me how well it works with macs?

Also, it appears that it uses a simple usb stick bluetooth module to connect, so I would assume I can just use the built in bluetooth. This is the only reason I would buy a bluetooth desktop versus a standard wireless. If anyone knows if you can connect to the keyboard without the USB bluetooth thing attached, I will just get the regular versions for a fair amount cheaper.

Also, if anyone has any other comments they would like to make about keyboard and stuff that would be awesome!

And no, I don't want the mac keyboard and mouse. My mother has them and I hate teh mosue and how the keyboard feels when it types.