View Full Version : How To Connect OS X Client To OS X Server?

09-11-2006, 05:26 PM
I apologize in advance if this question is too obvious, but we have a primarily Windows network & are trying to get the Mac workstations to authenticate using Active Directory accounts.

I have an OS X Tiger server up and running...it is connected correctly to AD, and I can log in to it with any Windows domain account I choose. So far so good...

I have a test workstation runing Tiger that will not let me authenticate using Windows domain accounts. I can't seem to find good instructions for configuring Directory Access to make this work.

Here's how I set up the server:

1) Sync time with domain controllers
2) Finder>Applications>Utilities>Directory Access>Services Tab
3) Check Active Directory, hit “Configure” and authenticate (if required)
4) Enter “FQDN” for the Active Directory Domain
5) Hit “Bind” & authenticate using domain admin account
6) Authentication Tab>Custom Path
a. Make sure “/Active Directory/All Domains/” is listed under
“Directory Domains”
7) Server Admin>servername>Open Directory>Settings
a. Role = Connected to a Directory System
b. Click “Join Kerberos” & authenticate using domain admin account
8) Test the LDAP connection as follows:
a. Open Terminal
b. Type “lookupd –d” to inter Interactive mode
c. Type “allUsers” to enumerate list of users
d. You should see all the local Mac accounts AND all the AD
accounts listed
9) Log off and log back in using a windows domain account
a. Should work if everything is correct!

Like I said, this works great. Can someone provide similiar steps for configuring the OS X clients to connect to this OS X Server & authenticate using our Active Directory accounts?