View Full Version : Anyone use Maya?

07-04-2006, 08:01 AM
Our visuals are done on Maya on a PC at the moment and I was wondering..:

Does anyone use Maya on a Mac.... or better an Intel Mac?... if so what is it like?

Has anyone got 'network rendering' set up? How good is it? Do I need a copy of Maya on each machine...?

Does anyone work in a cross platform Maya environment? How does it work? any niggles? Can network render go cross platform?

I am a bit of a noob to Maya, I have used everything but. :D

07-04-2006, 10:45 AM
at my work we have sevearl animation labs which are all dual G5s running maya on a render farm on their own VLAN. With the exception of a few labs which run dual processor PCs. Even though they all render over the network I do not believe we mix the pcs and the macs.

Are you referring to the autodesk application back burner when you are talking about network rendering? I have set up back burner in some of the auto cab labs, and it works i think with all autodesk products including maya. However, we have a hardware render farm at the lab i am talking about and that is expensive. we also have an xserv on the render farm as well.

to tell you the truth i have never really messed with it, in fact no one really has. we set it up and it has not had any problems yet so once you get it going it seems to run very smooth. i think each rack mount render farm box has like 25 processors in it, and there are 4 of them on the network.

if you end up doing an linux based solution (like a hardware render farm) cross platform should not be a problem, or if you go with autodesk's network render software (back burner i think) it should not be a problem either.

I just read a really cool article on digg about how pixar just switched over to linux render servers and they were able render frames faster than ever.

07-04-2006, 11:32 AM
okay cool. thats good to know.... using more than 1 machine to render is new to me... I used to use Cinema4D... and that was fine rendering on 1 mac... Maya seems to be a bit more complex.... and a darn site more expensive...! So I wanna make sure I get this right and we have a super quick solution for doing movies that doesnt cost the earth and isn't gonna be out of date after a few months.... What with Vista, Core Duo's and 10.5 just round the corner.. I might wait on a few months.... Autodesk are apparently working on a UB of Maya... so I might wait for that.

I think a bit of reading on Autodesks website might be in order! I will look our for that Linux article too.... :D