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01-31-2002, 06:16 PM
I'm quite disgruntled by the fact that Apple or Ati, or both, came up with this decision not to develop any new driver to support the "old" Ati Rage/Pro, Lt/Pro etc. cards under Os X.

I have heard that there are a number of talented individuals at work in the effort of producing a patch, that will try to put a remedy to this otherwise dramatic fracture between "old" machines that can run X at half of its real capacities, and new ones that can get the most out of it.
I have been putting the word "old" between brackets because we're talking here about desktops/laptops that are, in some cases, one/two years old and that have very little to envy to the newer G3 computers, apart obviously for their video cards :-) In the case of a desktop mac no problem, one can always trade a card for another, but what about Powerbooks?

I have been hunting high and low but, so far, I haven't got a clue as to what results these experiments have been producing.
Is there anyone that can share any info on the matter? I think that this could be interesting for a number of people as, not everybody has the possibility to shell out fresh bucks in order to buy a new iMac, iBook or the latest Titanium ... just to get a "supported" video card"....

I came to know that in California there are some Mac users which have been filing a lawsuit against Apple in the attempt of compelling it to get back to work on the drivers ... hope?

02-11-2004, 10:22 AM
Being in the same so called basket, I found it extremely sad that "Apple and ATI" did not add support for the "old or legacy video monitors and systems". It's not like they had to write the code from scratch...

Owning an ATI Xclaim 3D Pro which worked fine under 10.2.x and calling Apple to confirm that the card will work under 10.3 and was told that it should. Of course it did not...

Apple should know that not all its customers can afford or may even want to spend the dollars for a replacement flat screen display along with a new video card.

I should note that "Village Tronic (http://www.villagetronic.com) has a product called MPDD Pro supports old or legacy Apple and 3rd party displays".

Apple under the control of Steve Jobs has suffered in it image and support for making promises, such as that OSX will run on G3's, and then not coming through. Steve Job's blinders are firmly attached to his head so that anything behind him is forgotten and not even considered. Forward looking is fine, but ignoring your past is just plain ignorant.