View Full Version : Recover/repair Linux ext2fs drive

03-25-2006, 03:45 PM
I'm not sure this is athe right place to post this.

I have a Linksys NAS in which the hard drive crashed(?). I put it in a firewire enclosure and it wouldn't mount on my mac. Disk Utility says it is linux formatted, but no option to repair. I found a Prefpane called Ext2 Filesystem and tried that, but no luck. The errors say something about a bad superblock.

I tried Data Rescue X on the drive. I had to tell it to ignore partitioning in order for the drive to be seen. I did a scan on the drive and it found some "recognised" files, but the ones I'm looking for are not so common (.EMB and .DST stitch files). I put the drive in a Windows box and tried a similar utility, R-Studio, but it too only recognised a few common filetypes.

Is there any hope for this drive? I suspect this superblock needs to be fixed in order to rescue any data. How?

Thanks for any help.