View Full Version : Can I restore without Apple Backup

03-06-2006, 09:53 PM
Hi all, I really need your help.

I have my photos in iPhoto backup since 2003. All along I used was Apple Backup on DVD-R. I guess it was a 2.0 version and then I switched to 3.0 in Oct 2005. Now, I lost all the photos in my imac and need to restore which I had never tried. And my .mac a/c had expired, I can no longer download and use the Backup 3.

For those DVD-R using pre-3.0 version, I can just see the files and folders in the DVD-R. I guess restoring would be easy by just copying the content of the DVD-R to the picture folder. But how do I restore the gigabytes file somewhat like sparseimage which appeared on the DVD-R using Backup 3.0? I guess I need to get Apple Backup 3.0 or later to restore the file. But is there any other alternatives? The .mac a/c is not attractive to me and I want to switch to other backup program as they got better comments.