View Full Version : "Save" step always required even on unchanged document

02-17-2006, 08:42 AM
This question involves Adobe InCopy CS2 (think word processor) but I believe there may be an underlying OS/network basis for the issue. I've already posted this on the Adobe forums…

I maintain a workgroup of about 6 Mac users all accessing files from a Mac OS X Server (10.3) via gigabit ethernet. When one particular user (G4 Desktop) opens an Adobe InCopy CS 2 document and then attempts to close it, InCopy brings up the "Save/Don't Save" dialog. This is the only machine that does this. Aslo, InCopy is the only app to exhibit this behavior. I'm persuing this seemingly minor issue as a clue to occasional crashes in InCopy and other odd random crashes, often involving network related functions (i.e Mail).

I know I haven't explained this well and I know it is very vague yet very application specific problem but I was wondering whether anyone knew how the OS is/isn't involved in determining whether a file has changed and whether to bring up the "Save" dialog.

02-17-2006, 10:49 AM
I don't think the OS is involved at all in determining if a document is "dirty" - i.e. needs to be saved. That is something the application needs to keep track of.

Is this problem specific to that one user account? Do other user accounts work fine on the same machine?

Is there a difference in how that user is mounting the disk from the server? E.g. maybe using a different network protocol?