View Full Version : Can't access mail on server

11-30-2005, 10:03 PM
It's mail migration week, and things are going pretty well.
So far, DNS is up and behaving, MX records work, the server accepts mail from all sources and delivers it to the proper folders. All other Server functions like logins, http, Netboot etc. are behaving.

Here's my headache:
Using Mail.app from the Server's desktop I can access all the accounts with POP and IMAP protocols, but only when the mail server is set to 'localhost'.
Similarly, I can talk to the mail server directly with telnet, but only to localhost. Using the server's FQDN doesn't work from the server's command line, the local subnet, or elsewhere.

On the positive side, my mail is totally, completely secure :D

What minor but critical thing did I miss when setting the thing up?

And while we're here, does anyone know of a script that will take a umpty-megabyte MBOX file, split it up and deliver it to the mail server in a way that doesn't change the sender or delivery date? Because of the volume involved, I don't want to use a GUI process.