View Full Version : logging successful ip access in Tiger

11-10-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi everyone on macosXhints forum,

First, I'm new to the forums, but have been reading the website for a number of years. Excellent info.

I have some questions about some issues regarding ipfw and firewalls etc... ;)

I'm currently using Brickhouse as my firewall tool, btw,why does it mangle the ipfw file? would be nice if it'd keep it the way I write it in expert mode, switching back and forth...

Anyways, I want to watch ingoing and outgoing activity on the network connection for a few moments, or let's say the most current five or 10 minutes... what have you... [the log could get quite long is my guess]. I'm particularly looking for successful attempts from ip addresses I don't know I'm in contact with. Just my tin-foil-hat wearing type questions. ;)

So, is it easy to log all successful ip traffic within a specified time-frame?

also, I want to clean up my ipfw filter a bit, are there any suggestions you'd have for reading about the various ways of making rules- a basic and good intro to ipfw? [I'm assuming anything capable in ipfw is capable in brickhouse, if you know differently, please let me know.]

Thanks very much for your help!

ps- I'm also checking out the ipfw builder project on fink, but am a bit leery of the interface as I'm slightly new to this whole game, but realize the firewall ability is there ready and willing to be used if I can learn it well. :)