View Full Version : FileVault and Excel ...not working.

08-18-2005, 01:29 PM
I've posted this on a few different message boards all over the internet...I'm sure SOMEONE has run into this...

So last week, I turned on FileVault. I figured that it was about time I started getting serious about security. Everything is working fine, until I try to open one of my Excel documents in my home folder. No dice...

I'm using Excel 2004. (v.11)

'Document.xls' cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding.

Now, let's get a few things out of the way...

#1 - If I move the document out of my home folder to say...the HD root, it'll open just fine.

#2 - I've applied the most recent patches to all OS/software related to this issue.

#3 - The documents are NOT locked, and I have full permissions on them. I've even used the shell to chown/chmod a file...to no avail.

#4 - If I open the documents off of a file server, the are just fine.

#5 - It's just Excel. Word and PowerPoint work just fine.

#6 - I can open the files just fine in NeoOfficeJ or OpenOffice.