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07-08-2005, 08:14 AM

For a while, I was going to save money I made this summer and buy a new iMac G5 in August. But after hearing about the Mac + Intel marriage, I don't know if I should. I don't really NEED a new computer, I just wanted a desktop, so I could have system for gaming and keeping my files secure.

Can someone give me some advice on this?



07-08-2005, 08:31 AM
I bought an imac g5 last week, it was one of the original 1.6mhz and I put 1.5gig of ram in it. I use it for graphics and although it might not be bleeding edge it is more than fast enough to do everything I want. As it was an old model I got it for 550 + 65 for the ram from Inmac....

I couldn't justify spending 2000 on a new powermac now I know about the intel switch but 600 for a computer that will last me for at least 3 or 4 years is a very good deal.

07-08-2005, 08:36 AM
The iMac G5 is a nice machine, and it isn't likely that any Pentium based system out next year is going to be noticeably faster for the same price. There is now and will continue to be plenty of software for G5 systems, so if you get one now, you can reasonably expect to still be using it in 4 to 5 years without any problems getting software. That's typical of all Macs; I just recently sold my Cube from 2000. Even if you were to get the last G5 Apple sells sometime next year, you'll probably get a good 4+ years out of it.

As for keeping files secure, the switch has made the likelyhood of somebody writing a virus specific to PowerPC even lower. If OS X is going to be successfully attacked, my guess is that attack will occur on Intel based Macs.

I think you're faced with the same question you would have had if they weren't making the switch. How much do you want a new system?

07-08-2005, 09:02 AM
My general philosophy is: if you don't need a computer, don't buy it. I agree that regardless on the time and model that you buy a Mac you'll have it for 4+ years without problems, so why pay today for something you don't really need if you can get it much cheaper when you need it?


07-08-2005, 12:41 PM
I want a new system. The main reason I'm getting it is because of the G5 for music production and editing. Theoretically, I could do that on my iBook G4, but it wouldn't be as fast. Opening GarageBand files on this thing takes like a minute or two, anyway, so...

07-11-2005, 04:32 PM
I would make the G5 with a hefty 1 gig upgrade be your next purchase until the Intel chip version has been made stable, and that might take a year after introduction. It would be nice to run your games on the same box as you do your music, wouldn't it?

If you are going to do alot of analog recording, you could get away with using a 1.8 Mac Mini in the mean time. But if you are going to use alot of software instruments and FX, then the G5 might be the better choice.

07-20-2005, 08:56 AM
Well, I got a wild hair last night and I bought a G5. I went to my local CompUSA and they had (discontinued) Dual 2.5 G5's for $2088! That's a lot of clams, but I couldn't resist. I picked up an additional Gig of RAM and another 160 GB SATA. Then I went home and ordered a 20" Display off the Apple Online Education Store (still finishing my degree so I get the discount). The monitor will show up later this week, or early next week.

Anyway, I'm still in shock that I actually own this thing, but... man it feels good. In order to make the payments, I'll be retiring the rest of my machines (http://homepage.mac.com/cameranerd74/applemacpunk/C391487153/E1753441787/index.html), and selling them on eBay. If anyone is interested in picking one of them up before they go to eBay, shoot me a private message, or email, or IM and I'll hook you up.

I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know what I decided. I'm going to migrate all my machines this weekend, so that should be a "fun" job. Anyway, I now a member of the G5 owner's club... Yeah!

Twelve Motion
07-20-2005, 10:45 AM
Get a new computers, the intel switch is pretty far off, and even than as someone already said, should be given an extra year to get smoothed over, and all the importiant software updated. There will always be another computer breakthrough looming in a year or two, no matter when you buy a computer. If you want one now, get one now, you will be happy with it.