View Full Version : DW3 fail safe disable

07-03-2005, 11:20 AM
I had extent overlapped allocation files and strange behavior on my G4 10.2.8. I run DW3 on my startup drive, from a second OSX install on a second drive. DW identified problems but would not let the newly built directory overwrite the old one since there is "not enough contiguoug free disk space. 70 MB more are needed" (2.5 gig free on a 10 gig drive).
I read here that DW needs the contiguous free space in order to perform a "fail safe" overwrite of the new directory.
Can I disable the fail safe option so DW will place the directory without requiring contiguoug disk space (while hoping there will be no power failure)?
otherwise, do I need to defragment the drive in order to provide for the 70 MB of contiguoug space needed? DW graph shows the drive in question has 0% files off. Is this graph an indication of fragmentation level?