View Full Version : Active Directory login weirdness

06-14-2005, 06:47 AM
When logging into the network if I just use a users AD user name I get in fine, but if I try any of the different formats such as doman\user or user@domain, both of which work on a Windows machine, it wont accept it.

But if I use "id" or lookupd with any of the above 3 formats they both return the proper user information.

So why does the login only window want a "plain" name wit not domain attached. I realize I can force the AD plugin to use a specific domain but we have several here and I'd like to be able to log into each one of them on demand.

UPDATE: I tried it with a couple of other accounts and they log in fine using ANY of the above formats. It must be something related to this particular user id. The id I'm trying to log in as used to be a local user (admin) on the box but I deleted it so I could log into the network. Is there old user cached info somewhere thats preventing from this working properly?