View Full Version : Desktop pictures of Intel chips for your current Mac

06-12-2005, 12:12 AM
In May 2003 one of the Mac humor sites on the web had a little article about some unusual pictures of G5 chips on IBM's web site. IBM photographed the chips with Peacock feathers or apples in the background. Back then I decided to do a quick upgrade of my G4 to a G5 by making one of the photos into a desktop picture! I can't seem to find those photos on IBM's site anymore (!) but here is something similar from them using pennies and pushpins instead of apples and peacock feathers.


Now I'm not looking forward to an Intel Mac like I was to that G5, but I figure putting an Intel chip in my current Mac will help me get ready for the change. I found one photo I liked, the middle one on this web page. I cropped it to fit my desktop and it's already helping me make the transition!


You can search around for more photos here: