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06-08-2005, 12:58 AM
->Apple ruled the mp3 player market when it introduced the iPod to the PC world.

->Apple BEATED microsoft with OS X by far. It's easy and eligant and powerful (unix).

->It was announced that Apple will use Intel processors.Apple will introduce Mac OS X to the PC world just like what it did with the iPod and it will increase it's market share drastically and eventually it will dominate if microsoft didn't do some thing and apparently they won't. They are running away to the gaming market with their Xbox 360. I guess luck won't serve bill gates any more. We will soon observe the out come of Steve Jobs' innovation.

->I was amazed yesterday at work when I was watching steve jobs talkin about the transition to Intel. I always criticized Apple becuz they develop the world's most adavanced OS for their own machines and I thought it was smarter to compete and introduce the OS to people who already own PCs and don't want to buy new computers or to people who prefer buying PCs cuz their cheaper plus OS X is cheaper than windows. Many if not most linux users will buy mac os x and install it to their PCs and I am sure that many windows users will purchase OS X cuz I believed that what made people hesitate to switch to mac is the fact that they need to purchase a whole new computer to use the world's most advanced OS.

->I was astonished when I heard about the "just in case plan" people talked about it but I thought it was a myth.

->Apple will not invade the PC market soon obviously they will focus on the switch with their current mac users (dual binary etc). However, by 2010 Apple will rule the PC market. Steve jobs is a genius it's only luck that made microsoft dominate gates chose the right timing and sold his OS to many hardware companies. However:

Apple = innovation

I always wanted to experience a year similar to the 1984 year (intro of mac). It seems that 1984 will occur again with 2010 or 2015 costume and hopefully I will be alive by that time

I can't wait for Steve's third come back

1984: revolutionized the concept of personal computing with the macintosh
1997: gave mouth to mouth to Apple and introduced the iMac
2???: dominate in the market and kick microsoft's butt.

06-08-2005, 01:16 AM
2??? = 20??

06-08-2005, 09:03 AM
that's just a guess...based on Apple's decision when they introduced the iPod to the PC world.


I am happy with my MAC but I am certain that Steve Jobs won't release the OS to the windows world (I know it for sure) but I GUESSED and only GUESSED that if that's going to happen it's going to be suggested by people at Apple who are not Steve Jobs.

it's just a guess my friends it ain't a fantasy I will always use my mac and I am happy with it no need to make the whole globe join us mac users to be happy

once more:

thank you

06-08-2005, 10:25 AM
Ok, ok, ok, its just a guess right ;)

06-09-2005, 01:56 AM
one problem i see that apple could face.. that micro is facing at the moment.. is that they wont be able to bundle programs like ilife etc with the OS.. microsoft is even having troubles bundling Windows Media player with the OS.

Just a thought