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03-27-2005, 06:36 PM
Mac n00bie here... is there a way to make bullet lists in the built in OSX mail app? Thanks.

03-27-2005, 10:06 PM
mail reads html ok, but doesnt send it.

there's a hint on how to send html here (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20050228113934687). but, its kindof a PITA.

the simple way would be to manually make a bullet with opt-8.

03-27-2005, 10:24 PM
...however, mail clients with a different idea of 8-bit ascii won't see bullets.

At least when mailing elderly unix.wizards, refrain from using html in mail and keep it 7bit-ascii.

cellpadding = "20"
border = "20" width = "50%">
<tr><td bgcolor = "#FF00FF"><table
cellpadding = "20"> <tr> <td bgcolor =
"#000000"> <font color = "#FFFFFF"> <font
size = "6"><font color = "#FFFF00" >
WHAT? </font> </font> <p> Are
<b>you</b><i> saying </i>
that <b>you </b> have <i>
something </i><font size
= "+1" > <font color =
"#ffff99"> <b> against </b>
</font><font size "+1" > <font
color = "#FF3333">H</font><font
color = "#99FF99">T </font><font
color = "#9999FF">M </font><font
color = "#FFFF99">L </font><b>
??? </b> </font></font> <p><blink>
<font aaa aaa color="#FF3333">Whatever for? </font >
</blink> <p> It is<i> such</i>a <font color = "#FF00FF" >
<blink aaa aaa aa> nice</b></blink> <i>language
</i> and <aa aaa aa> gives you such <a> <font color
=#00FFFF aaa aaa aa> fantastic</font aa> <font color
=#FF00FF aaa aaa aa> creative <blink aa> freedom
</blink> </font><b>! </b><p> <font aaa aaa color =
#FF55FF> <font size ="6">So what <aa aa> </font >
</font> If not <i><b><font aaa aaa color =
#999999 aaa aa> everybody <aa aaa aa> </font >
</b> </i> can <a> read it?<p> If <aa aa> those <b>
<i>losers <a> </i> </b> are too <i> <a> <font color
=CCCC00> <a> mean </font> <aa aa> </i>to<i> buy </i>
some<blink a> <a><b> <font aaa aaa color = "00FFFF">
decent </font></b> </blink><i>
equipment </i> then that is
<b><font color = "#9999FF">
their </font> </b> <i> problem,
</i>not <blink>mine! </blink><p>
They can always <b> <font
color = FF3333 >save</font>
</b>the<font size= "+1">
<blink> <i> source code
</i></blink> </font> to a
<b>file</b> and <i>open</i> it
in <i> <b> <font color = "00ff00">
Netscape!</font></b></i><b><font color =
"#ffff99">That </font></b> isn't so<i>
<font color = "#ff3333">difficult!
</td> </tr></table>
<!-- by VK -->