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Cap'n Hector
02-18-2005, 10:38 PM

Some friends and I have been working on a website to track bugs in software related to Mac OS X, and Mac OS X as well. Anything related to a Mac is fair game…usability, interface, actual software issues, etc.

The site is functionally live, but we want to improve the back end before going public, and want to have people using it to figure out where we can improve it.

If you'd like to try it out, e-mail bugman [at] caphector [dot] com for the URL.

02-19-2005, 08:58 AM
*opens mail*

02-19-2005, 09:01 AM
please send me the url

02-21-2005, 12:47 PM
Overall the site looks really good in terms of colors and layout. I like the "tabbed" navigation links and the constant search option in the upper left. Following are the things I found/think could use improvement:

1. The image of the 3 squares at the upper left? I'm not sure if it is an unfinished logo? motion graphic or what, but it is a link and it seems too small for the space it occupies. Perhaps a MacOSXBugs.com logo or graphic?

2. The "help" page linked from the submit story section could be designed to match the rest of the site.

3. Will there be anyway to browse old posts without searching them? As it seems now there is only the newest posts on the first page and then a way to reply to them.

4. When a user views the comments to an article/post/story there is a grey bar at the bottom with view options for the thread. The grey bar looks out of place with everything else being blue with a little green. I would make that bar the same green as the featured article green. The grey clashes with the surrounding colors.

Following are bugs/funny things in MAC browsers (no Windows browsers):
Everything seems OK in Safari 1.2.4.
In Firefox 1.0 and IE 5.2 some stuff was a little sketchy:

The search, login, submit, preview etc buttons did not show up as "form submit" buttons in either browser. (they worked in Safari) In addition, the cursor doesn't always rollover to the hand icon. Also, since they don't look like the "form" buttons they look EXACTLY like the input fields but with text already in them. I could see how this could be very confusing to some people.

Don't take this as a rip on the site, I think it looks very, very excellent and is a awesome idea for a site. I'm just naturally nitpicky and I don't think there are any major issues with the design or functionality of the site (other than the scrolling through old posts). Hope this is a help. Also if you need some help with any graphics let me know and I'll try and help out.