View Full Version : New to Mac and need help on display properties

02-07-2005, 12:49 PM
Hey Everyone, I bought a mini because I've always been a little curious about the mac "life" and really wanted to check it out. I've been a Windows user for as long as it's been around. I have a 52" RCA HDTV with a DVI on it and when I hooked it up to the mini it cuts off both the top and the bottom of the screen so that i can't see the dock or the menu bar at the top. Is there anyway to force it to display at a different resolution, or does anyone just have any general suggestions? Again I am completely new to this so I feel like a kid who can barely doggy-paddle that just jumped in the deep-end. Thank you before-hand for your time.

02-07-2005, 03:25 PM
If you can navigate to the system preferences you should be able to change the resolution. Since all the edges are cut off, press command - shift - a to bring up the Applications folder. Then open System Preferences. Click on Displays, and hopefully one of the settings will work better.

Since you are connected to the TV by DVI I don't know if you get a overscan option, but when connected to a TV by S-Video or Composite Video there will be an Options tab in Displays next to Display and Color. It will have two options Overscan, and Best for Video. IF you have those options, uncheck Overscan... unfortunately I think the TV is being considered a monitor and not a TV.

Hope that helps.