View Full Version : Installing Panther on a G4 after trying to add a 250GB Hitachi internal drive (UHG!)

bill daul
01-15-2005, 01:37 AM
I inherited a G4...so I am a beginner with OS-X.

My desktop worked before I started screwing about...it had Panther installed...I then tried to add a second drive (250GB Hitachi)...I have put the jumpers on in both ways Hitachi suggests. I tried to boot up and now the system doesn't see ANY drives...this means the MASTER. I can put the Panther install disc in...hold the C-key down to install the Mac OS X...I move along to the frame that says "SELECT A DESTINATION VOLUME TO INSTALL THE MAC OS X SOFTWARE" ... that is as far as I can get ... nothing is listed.

I am willing to wipe everything that is on the system. I tried the DISK UTILITIES, but again nothing is listed except the CD/DVD drive where the MAC OS X Panther Version 10.3.5 Install Disc 1.


I have tried looking throughout the web for info on installing a new drive!

Thanks, --bill (bdaul@pacbell.net)

01-15-2005, 03:36 AM
First, make sure your original drive is jumpered as "Master" and your new 250GB drive is connected to the same cable and jumpered as "Slave". If your G4 is older that the Mirror Drive Door (MDD) it will likely not support the 250GB directly. You will need to format it as a 128GB drive with Disk Utility. Intech Software has a new program called SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Support Driver (http://www.speedtools.com/ATA6.shtml) that will allow the full 250GB (well actually 233GB in Computerspeak), but not as a single partition if you wish to boot from it.

01-15-2005, 03:39 AM
Exactly which G4? iMac G4? PowerMac G4? PowerBook G4? iBook G4? Cube G4? What clockspeed? What case?

How is the first drive jumpered? How is the added drive jumpered? Have you tried swapping the drive cable for a new one? Are the cables intact and seated properly?