View Full Version : What does "Dave" that the System can't? (printer-share-problem)

01-12-2005, 10:52 AM
Hi all,

after I have tried each and every trick I could find on the net to make OSX share a canon i560 with WinXP over an ethernet plus router nothing seemd to work. Not the CUPS-thing nor anything else I found on the net. Plus, I were not able to create a printer via this "local host"-webinterface. I had the problem with the site, asking me for password and username, which seems to be a bug, as fair as I could find out.

So the last thing I tried was Dave and that worked, finally. Now my mac is in the same workgroup with XP and printing works like a charm. So, hurrah to Dave :-)

The only problem I see is that Dave is only a demo and the price for it (about $ 120) ist just ridiculous. I could almost buy another printer for that! So, my question is: What is "Dave" doing that the System can't? And can it be done without Dave?