View Full Version : PowerBook Titanium 17inch 1Ghz Kernel Panic

12-03-2004, 07:54 PM
Please Help! :(

I have a really weird problem with my powerbook g4 titanium, 17inch. I keep getting the kernel panic message which tells you to reboot everytime.The problem came absolutely out of the blue and has prevailed since. The exact image which pops up after the reveloving sun thing at boot is given in the image below:


I thought upgrading to 10.3.5 would fix the problem. The install went perfectly fine with no problems with the hard disk detection. But after I restart the image above is back. I dont mind losing the laptop but my data is extremely important and my job is on the line. Unfortunately the laptop is out of warranty. I would like to know from guru's if I could somehow salvage the data by removing it and putting it into an 2.5inch hard disk usb enclosure on a different mac. I would like to know your experiances with this.

Thank you for all your help!