View Full Version : Wallstreet PRAM nightmare

11-24-2004, 02:26 AM
Recently had PRAM battery go on a g3 Wallstreet PB, 6GB HDD, 320 RAM, 266Mhz.(or 300, can't remember).

I got a new one and found an install guide to walk me through it. Absolute nightmare. 2 bottom case screws are stripped and I had to hold the case open to get the PRAM battery out/in. I've checked all the wires, cards, etc and everything is plugged in and seated correctly but after getting it all back together, I get nothing on battery power and when I first plug in the adapter, power light goes on and sounds like it is resetting the PMU and then goes dead for a few mooments and repeats. I held down the buttons to reset and then it made the noise for a little longer, and now it is dead.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.