View Full Version : SSH port then rlogin - Send back Xterm possible?

10-21-2004, 01:18 AM
I have seen many posts on this or stuff like it with a vncviewer app but I cannot find a solution anywhere:

I need to SSH into(from MAC at home) one machine(Linux) at work then rlogin from there to another machine (Linux) and then send Xwindow displays back through the tunnel to home. Such as a Xterm.

Seems simple no?

Ok here is what I can do:

1. I can SSH into the first computer and send back the xterm with X11forwarding. No problem works fine.

2. Then I tried SSH in with Port forwarding turned on as "-L 5900:". I also went into my home router and made such 5900 was always alowed.

when I rlogin to the second computer (rlogin) I just get the "can't set display" message...

Is this even possible?
Is there a easy solution I have missed?



10-21-2004, 03:53 AM
OK, I'll call your machines mac, linux1 and linux2.

You do mac --ssh-- linux1 --rlogin-- linux2.

SSH to linux1. Do 'echo $DISPLAY'. You'll get back 'localhost:11.0' or something. Do xhost +linux2.

rlogin to linux2. Do 'export DISPLAY=linux1:11.0'.

That work?