View Full Version : Canon S600

05-13-2002, 06:39 AM
The S600 is not as noisy as the Epson's and HP's I used before, but the printer is quiete slow in Os X.

I once brought back an Epson to the vendor for service and was told that it might take a month to be repaired at Epson or even get lost there.
Unfortunately it wasn't ! ;)

The interface of the Canon drivers (x & 9) are not as well designed as the ones from Epson.
You can't select the black cartridge for printing (pull-down menu), only color and then select gray-scale (checkmark).
Weird, isn't it? :confused:

I see some great answers above, but still confused what printer to buy next.

Maybe another brand. Any other printers than Epson, Canon, Hp or Lexmark?

Cheers ...