View Full Version : ARD2 sux

08-19-2004, 02:18 AM
I have been listening to co-workers telling me how marvelous ARD is. I finally had the chance to try it when we got free copies at WWDC. I am wondering if anyone else finds similar problems/limitations...

1- Every time I run ARD it screws up my mouse cursor tracking so badly I have to reboot my Powerbook when I'm done. The cursor lags and then jumps unexpectedly.

2- Every Jaguar system I install ARD 2 client onto will have the menu items in the upper right of the screen jumping around randomly and some disappear altogether. Adding or removing menu items in the Prefs does not help.

3- Many of the Jaguar systems running ARD 2 client become unstable and the Finder will often go out to lunch with the spinner of death.

4- Installing or activating the client does not open the port in the firewall for you.

5- In the reports stuff like "Free Disk Space" will sort alpha numeric instead of by free space so the sort is useless.

6- Remote Unix commands require "Observe" but not "Control" to be checked for the account connecting. And, in Panther the two have been combined so "Observe/Control" must be enabled :-( Under normal circumstances I would opt to have ONLY Unix commads and reporting (and maybe package installs) enabled. It also troubles me that you can run commands as root (sudo is impossible because it's not interactive) even though the root account is disabled. Running as root is the only way to run commands that you would normally sudo.

7- Installing the version 2 client on Jaguar using an ARD created installer package will result in a Pref panel that is apparently out of synch with the plist. You must toggle the check boxes a couple of times before they reflect what the setting actually is. And, the installer actually hung the Mac in several of my installs.

8- There is no way to change the port number it uses unlike VNC.

9- If a file copy to multiple clients fails on one it fails on all of them.

Those are the highlites. Pretty pathetic for a 2.0 version. Apple also chose VNC as the basis for Observe/Conttrol but opted to rewrite it from the ground up without releasing their work to Open Source :-( After troubling to install what I thought was pretty well proven software I have had to go back and disable the client on all our Jaguar systems until Apple fixes this abomination.