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07-24-2004, 06:06 PM
So I was watching a Quicktime movie playing back on my new 250 meg HD. (Western Digital, in a 'Vantec- NexStar enclosure), when I decided to boot up my other HD, a 120 gigger. I flipped the switch on the Western Digital drive instead of turning on the other hard drive and ended up shutting off the Western Digital drive by mistake.

The apple message popped up saying 'data might be lost'... Scary.. Well, now it does not want to boot up at all since being prematurely shut off. Is there anything I can do to resurrect it? I have some data on there I'd like to retrieve.

Any help? :(

07-24-2004, 07:27 PM
Ouch! If the "dead" drive still spins up, then you have passed the first hurdle. If the firewire port that had the affected drive is not working, then you may have tripped the little circuit breaker inside the firewire port. If so, unmount and disconnect all firewire devices, shutdown, wait 5 minutes and then restart the computer.

If the drive won't mount, you can try various disk utilities. I've had Disk Warrior fix a very damaged very finicky 80 GB Maxtor firewire drive that was 99.94% full (45 MB free on a 70+GB partition) and was terribly abused on a balky, unsupported firewire connection. Apple's Disk Utilities, Drive Setup, and Norton would not even acknowledge the existence of the drive. Although Disk Warrior crashed several times in attempting to resurrect the drive, the 5th time managed to do the trick.

Good Luck!

07-24-2004, 08:36 PM
I owe definately owe you more than a beer. I took your advice regarding unplugging the devices and shutting down and waiting. I had done that trick before posting however I did not wait the recommended 5 minutes during my feeble attempts to ressurect it previously. This time I gave it a good solid 15 minutes and now she's back! Yay!

Now.. if i could only get my external DVD writer working again.. wait a minute, that's connected to my PC.. guess I'll have to post that in a different forum {and different site!}...

Thanks again!! :) :)