View Full Version : Boot from RAID on B&W G3?

06-28-2004, 03:33 PM
I recently got a 250G IDE HD to replace the 120G that was in my B&W G3. The former setup was the original 12G (getting rather small) as the system drive, and the 120G as a media drive (video) Anyway, I'd planned on making the 120G the system drive, and the 250G the media drive, but alas, it seems the B&W G3 has a 137G limit or so. Anyways, I then swapped out my 250G for an identical 120G in my backup server - now i have two identical 120G HDs, and I was thinking RAID 0 - for performance, and ease of management, only having one volume. I got through the first install disk of 10.3 just fine, but when it rebooted it didn't boot from the hard drives. Can my B&W G3 support booting from such an array? (or, alternately, is there a way to get around the 137G limit?)

06-28-2004, 03:52 PM
The best solution (although there are others) is to buy an Acard AEC 6880M or an Acard AEC 6885M ATA card. http://www.acard.com/eng/ It will be much faster than the slow ATA system on your motherboard, it supports hardware RAID arrays of ATA drives (much better than software RAID), and it doesn't have the 137 GB size limit,