View Full Version : Connecting to 10.3.3 server

05-11-2004, 04:05 PM
I can connect to my 103.3 server from a computer with OS 10.3.3 but not a computer with OS 10.2.8.
I had to wipe out my 10.2.8 server because I screwed it up by messing with NetInfo. (I copied all Users folders to a FireWire drive befor messing with it.) I then wiped it and installed 10.3 server and made all the upgrades. I have it set up as an Open Directory Master and have set up the LDAP directory. I'm only running AFP, Open Directory, and Print Services on it.
In reading the manual it stated that I needed to set up a DHCP server, but we get our DHCP from out side our building. So I don't know If I set it up correctly, because I couldn't find any info on how to set it up if I'm not providing the DHCP.
On the client computer in Directory Access, I have AppleTalk, LDAPv3, Netinfo, Rendezvous, SLP and SMB as services.
Authentication is to set to a Custom path (/LDAPv3/10.xxx.x.xx) as are the settings in the Contacts tab.
Configuration for LDAP is, Location - Automatic, Use DHCP-supplied LDAP server. The Configuration gets its LDAP mappings "From Server".
Netinfo is configured for, Location -Automatic, Attempt to connect using Broadcast and using DHCP.
I used the same setting on the 10.2.8 and 10.3.3 clients, but I cannot connect from the 10.2.8 client computers.

The other problem is when I have connected with the 10.3.3 client, I can't get the users Home folder to mount. All I get is a local account User folder, and none of the documents in the users Home folder are accessible. I can see them when I'm logged on the server, but the users can't access them. I do have the Users and Groups folders set as Share Points in WorkGroupManager (WGM).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.