View Full Version : Help with Mac & PC Laptop Networking

04-01-2004, 05:16 PM
Hi, Im a newbie at networking to say the least. I have a 12inch Powerbook & my father has a IBM laptop. We would like to be both wireless. If not both it would be better for his.

We have a netgear wireless router, cable modem, & I have an Airport Extreme card, he has a Motorola card in his PC.

I need help getting them together on a network to share internet. I do not need to exchange files or anything.

If anyone can please help I would be grateful!

Some other info.... PC is Windows 2000, Im 10.3

Also Im worried about security, especially on my mac. I know OSX is secure but Im worried about the Windows machine being a pain for security.

Thanks for anyone who can help. :)