View Full Version : Copy & paste unicode text to word processors

02-23-2004, 04:39 AM

On my machine it seems that TextEdit is currently the only word processor that can display non-roman unicode text properly that I have copied from a webpage. I've tried Word and ThinkFree writer and both only display a few letters correctly. I've also tried the X11 program XAbiword.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I suspect the solution is easy for Word, but I'm just not getting it; however, I'd really like to get this working for XAbiword or a fink build of Abiword or even openoffice. On a Linux or BSD box, I know exactly how to get this working. You'd just install all the fonts you need. Add font paths to the XF86Config file in /etc/X11, and then run fc-cache -f. But I can't figure out how to set up X11 the way I'm used to with the version I downloaded off Apple's website.