View Full Version : PithHelmet new update for Safari 1.2 blocks banners, popups, etc.

Norm Nager
02-04-2004, 04:12 PM
It came as a shock when Safari 1.2 was installed to discover PithHelmet no longer worked.

This freeware shields Safari browsing from banners, popups, and other distractions that take longer to load (especially for people without broadband or faster broadband).

That was the bad news. I couldn't find an update in the daily listings of VersionTracker by 1 p.m. West Coast time Feb. 4 and I didn't see anything on the developer's website about it.

Here's the good news: But when I did a search for PithHelmet page at version tracker, by gosh, there it was: 1.7.2a (the "a" is the identification for the Safari 1.2 compatible version.)

So my Safari now has a Helmet to shield it from, uh, oh well, whatever PithHelmet shields it from.

(Of course, one could add MacOSXHints to the exempt list in PithHelmet preferences because the advertisers are needed as sponsors.)

Another thought: freeware is nice, but people who create such software and then work through the night to get something like PithHelmet compatible with Safari deserve meaningful support to encourage and enable them to continue their development.

Respectfully, Norm