View Full Version : Speakable Items Problems

11-09-2003, 04:45 PM
Does anybody know why Speakable Items in Panther seems to refuse to run any custom compiled scripts?

I dropped this script into the ~/Library/Speech/Speakable Items/ folder (I didn't want it in the application-specific folder, because that requires the application to be frontmost):

tell application "iTunes"
end tell

I also named the script "play now", and saved it as a "script", which seems to be the new equivalent of a "compiled script".

But now when I say "play now", Speakable Items recognizes that I said the command, but does nothing. If I save the script as text, or as a script bundle, Speakable Items opens the script file in Script Editor, and if I save it as a compiled application, it runs the application and iTunes starts playing. But not when it's run as a simple script!

The annoying part about this is that it forces me to use compiled apps instead of scripts, and so there's a delay in opening the application before the script actually runs. Back in Jaguar, the script would not require a launch and would run immediately if saved as a compiled script.

It seems this problem may not be limited to Jaguar, because I've seen some complaints about this before Panther ever came out.

Does anybody know of a fix? I'd really like to know. (Note that adding an "on run"/"end run" block around the above lines of code doesn't help.)