View Full Version : kernel panic and mach allocation overlap

09-23-2003, 10:24 AM

thanks for your comments. it was very helpful.

(Please see the thread "How prevent fsck repairs return?")

i was having problems with allocation extent overlaps, and running disk warrior it looked like mach and mach.sym were the overlapped files.

I did not allow disk warrior to proceed because of the risk of ruining the file system and kernel.

i DID update to 10.2.8, and again fsck showed 2 overlapped files, in fact, the same files.

Running disk warrior from my PB G3 with the iMac in FW target disk mode, mach and mach.sym were no longer overlapped! it was some random data files.

i let disk warrior proceed to rebuild the directory.

running fsck at reboot on the iMac showed everything to be OK.

If anyone has kernel panics and disk warrior shows mac or mach.sym to be overlapped, maybe just wait for the next system update, and this may cure everything.

Thanks again to the forum for its help