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09-05-2003, 03:31 PM
Summary: how to do a simple mirroring/cloning of an existing harddrive onto a new drive? I've tried "ditto" and "CCC" and run into a problem with the newdrive appearing automatically mounted in the directory tree which leads to a recursive loop.

OK, I'm new to OS X, coming from a GNU/Linux background and I want to use a spare harddrive to backup my main harddrive.

I installed the new drive and I see an icon for it on the desktop after messing about in the System Preferences panel and copying the settings that the original drive had.

Initially I wanted to be able to setup a RAID-mirror of the original drive but it appears that OS X won't allow the "startup disk" to be part of a RAID mirror (aside: is it not possible to set up a partition for the boot-crucial parts of OS X and keep this outside of a RAID-array and use the rest of the original drive as a separate partition to be part of a RAID array?). So, OK, it doesn't wan't me to do that, so I'll settle for running a cron-job every night.

I did a test of the commands I wanted to use in the cronjob :

ditto -rsrc / /Volumes/BackupDisk

where / is the root of the entire directory tree that I want to copy and /Volumes/BackupDisk is where it appears the new drive is mounted.

This works partially (verified by including the -v flag) but then it gets into a situation where it tries to copy the /Volumes/BackupDisk mountpoint to itself recursively.

So, can someone suggest a way of excluding that explicitly in the "ditto" commandline, or an alternative way of cloning the entire disk?

I have looked at the CCC solution suggested in other threads on this board and if I attempt to copy the whole of the original-disk to the new-backup-disk I run into the same error.

Any suggestions gratefully received,

09-05-2003, 04:56 PM
You should first go and read the article that Mike Bombich wrote explaining what Carbon Copy Cloner does: http://www.bombich.com/mactips/image.html

And note that CCC allows you to exclude items from the copy - so why not just exclude your backup volume?