View Full Version : VPCw/WinXPpro on 10.1.5.

07-06-2003, 03:23 PM
Help! I haven't yet got a response from Connectix, so was hoping someone out there more knowledgeable than myself, might be able to help or shed some light to my problem.

Not yet sure whether this is a Mac OS X permissions problem or a Connectix issue, but some info follows:
I can't make the XP-Pro PC talk through the Mac's DSL internet connection. I have followed the Connectix Knowledge Base article # 4861, on internet connection setup, to a tee; but still no connection. One thing of note is when I start up VPC I get an error message "The permissions for support files could not be set correctly. Report to Connectix, code A1001" I am logged into my Mac as Admin when I installed and setup the PC, as well as when I run the program. so I don't THINK that the permissions are wrong, unless there is something else, that I don't know about OS X. I have removed and then reinstalled this again just to see if it helped; but, still no connectivity through the Mac connection. Any help would be appreciated as I need to start running some PC apps tomorrow over the internet. Thanks. CWC