View Full Version : Partitioning mishap- Bootcamp borked?

09-26-2011, 10:49 PM
I had my system set up with a 250-ish GB OSX partition and a 50-ish GB bootcamp partition.

Lion came out and I did an upgrade.

Things acted weird, so I decided to do a clean install, but wanted to keep my old data.

I shrunk my OSX partition to 125gb and then created a new one and cloned my data.

Then I booted into the Lion installer and wiped the original partition and installed Lion on it and imported all my settings from the clone.

Up to this point, everything worked fine. However, after deleting my cloned partition, my bootcamp partition no longer works.

When I shrunk my OSX partition, my bootcamp partition stayed at the end of the drive, but when I deleted my copied partition, the bootcamp partition "moved up". I cannot extend my original partition because the bootcamp partition is now being marked as in the middle of the drive. I can create a new partition after the bootcamp partition, but my main OSX partition can no longer be one contiguous allocation of 250GB.

Now my bootcamp partition is labeled as disk0s4 and is unmountable.

Any ideas?