View Full Version : MTU issues

09-16-2011, 01:08 PM
I'm new to the site, so i'm hoping this is the appropriate section for this question, but here goes...

I'm at a college which doesn't allow xbox live gaming, so PDAnet tethering is commonly used to get a connection. works surprisingly well for others, but i've run into some issues.

I'm running PDAnet through an android phone, USB linked to a macbook pro running OS X 10.6.8, to a standard xbox 360. I've already set up the connection properly (internet sharing is on, IP, subnet mask, and gateways are good on both mac and xbox), but when i test the connection i keep getting an MTU error which requires 1364 or higher. I've power cycled multiple times, and I've attempted to customize the MTU settings through System Preferences > Network > Ethernet > Advanced and setting the MTU higher. no luck.

I'm aware that the MTU can also be changed through a root terminal, but I'm not too adept at that and I'd rather not brick my mac. Any ideas, or an in-depth explanation on how to get around this would be much appreciated. :o