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05-08-2003, 04:31 PM
I have an ip address im not on dynamic, I have airport plugged in and it has the IP address and it sends out ip's to my three computers. often at work i need to get something off of my home machine. I cant figure out how to set up my airport base station to forward me to my machine. If anyone knows or can point me to an easy tutorial on how this is done.

Basically im behind an airport network and need access to one of my machines from outside. How do I set up my basestation. I have an older version basestation rev.b i think. and the lasted airporst software for that basestation.

05-08-2003, 05:03 PM
Using the AirPort Admin Utility (look in /Applications/Utilities), you want something like Port Mapping or Port Forwarding.

Then decide what services you want to make available to the world, and figure out what port numbers they run on. HTTP/web is port 80, ssh is 22, appletalk over IP is 548. You can google for complete lists. You have to do this port by port.

Tell the base station (via admin utility) to forward, or map, the desired port on its public address (ie, 123.456.789.012 port 80) to a particular port (probably the same number) on a particular one of your computers. So for example if you wanted to ssh into your main machine (which has theoretical IP, you'd set up 123.456.789.012 port 22 to map to port 22. And so on...

If this access is just for you (you don't want to run a small public webserver or something), one thing you might consider is just opening port 22, and then using ssh tunneling to get to anything else you need. You can read about that elsewhere on this site, and there are some helper applications that set up the tunnels for you and keep you off the command line.

Hope that helps,