View Full Version : MacMini will not backdate to 10.6.0

07-24-2010, 09:52 AM
We have just bought the new Mac Mini that comes with 10.6.3 pre-installed. To run various bits of software, e.g. Timbuktu, we have to replace this with OS 10.6.0.

But the installation CD is not recognised and only creates a kernel panic.

Any possible solutions?

07-24-2010, 10:18 AM
Boot to the 10.6 installer on any older intel Mac.
Connect a Firewire cable from the older Mac to your new mini.
Boot the mini to Firewire Target boot mode (hold the T key until you see the bouncing Firewire icon on the screen.
Back to the older Mac - choose the hard drive in the new mini for the destination. Do an Erase and Install.
That will install 10.6 on the new mini...

But, it may not work. There's often a reason that new models ship with a newer version of OS X, because of some hardware that needs updated drivers (as you know, the new mini is significantly different) Those drivers may not exist on an older OS X version - or are simply not compatible. So, don't expect this to work without a struggle.

Are you sure that Timbuktu Pro (which has been updated for Snow Leopard) absolutely doesn't work with 10.6.3 and higher?

07-24-2010, 12:16 PM
What installer disk are you using? Is it a retail disk, or an installer that came with another Mac?

Timbuktu 8.8 runs on OS X 10.4 or better, including Snow Leopard, according to their website.

I would have thought that very few reliable software programs would work on 10.6.0 but break on 10.6.3. (Of course, the latest version of OS X is 10.6.4.)

07-24-2010, 12:31 PM
I'll just add my voice to the chorus here---I very much doubt that Timbuktu will not work with 10.6.3 but will with 10.6.0. Either you have an old version of Timbuktu that won't work with ANY 10.6.x variant, or you have a current version of Timbuktu that works fine with both.


07-24-2010, 03:41 PM
We have just bought the new Mac Mini that comes with 10.6.3 pre-installed. To run various bits of software, e.g. Timbuktu, we have to replace this with OS 10.6.0.

As a general rule, never install an older system than the one that came pre-installed.

While there may be some exceptions, the issue is that Apple is known to upgrade their hardware, sometimes without bothering to announce the upgrade. The new hardware may require software support that is not present in earlier versions of the OS.

And yes, 10.6.0 is an earlier version than 10.6.3 (even though they're both Snow Leopard), and may not support hardware present on machines that shipped with 10.6.3 installed.

As a case in point: my Intel iMac (Early 2006) shipped with 10.4.6 installed. It will not run on 10.4.5 or earlier. A Retail Tiger Install DVD (which installs 10.4.0) will not install on that machine, even though it's a Full Retail Install trying to install Tiger on a machine that shipped with (a flavor of) Tiger.

As I said, there may be some exceptions. The new Mac Minis may not have any significant hardware changes from previous Mac Minis, and the old system may support it just fine. Apple may well have pre-installed a newer-than-minimum version of the OS to spare you the hassle of having to update right out of the box.

But you can't count on that. As a general rule, don't attempt to downgrade below the pre-installed system.